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Vendor Information

  1. Complete and sign the Vendor Agreement.  Forms are available below for each venue.
  2. Scan and return forms via fax to 504-264-7338 or email to
  3. Please make sure your email address and phone numbers are listed correctly on the application.
  4. The Vendor Relationship Manager(s) will review your application and will notify you of the status of your application.
  5. If your application is approved, then submit the full payment along with the security deposit to reserve your space.
  6. Make payment on this site or make official checks payable to “Variety Entertainment” and return to 3020-I Prosperity Church Road, Suite 272, Charlotte, NC 28269. The Company reserves the right to charge $35 for returned checks.
  7. Once all documents and payments are received, the Vendor Relationship Manager(s) will assign and notify you of your space number and will re-confirm the items that have been approved for sale. Spaces are reserved on a first-approved, first-paid basis.  Vendors may not sell any items that have not been approved.
  8. Any non-compliance or violation of the Vendor Agreement (including the sale of non-authorized items) shall be cause for immediate termination of the Agreement and removal of Vendor from the event.
  9. For more information, contact the Vendor Relationship Managers directly:
    1. Tiffany – 803-682-5773
    2. Terrell – 757-403-2473
    3. Application Fax Number – 504-264-7338


Click To Download Orlando Vendor Application

Click To Pay Orlando Vendor Fee

Vendor Information for Orlando Funk Fest 2017 Coming Soon! 


Click To Download Birmingham Vendor Application

Click To Pay Birmingham Vendor Fee

Vendor Information for Birmingham Funk Fest 2017 Coming Soon! 

Jacksonville Vendor Application

Click To Download Jacksonville Vendor Application

Click To Pay Jacksonville Vendor Fee

Vendor Information for Jacksonville Funk Fest 2017 Coming Soon! 


Click To Download Atlanta Vendor Application

Click To Pay Atlanta Vendor Fee

Vendor Information for Atlanta Funk Fest 2017 Coming Soon! 


Click To Download Mobile Vendor Application

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Vendor Information for Mobile Funk Fest 2017 Coming Soon! 



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